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Adding items on the go

So let's say I go to bunning and use the capture app. And I need 5o add the item to my invoice. I can't create and edit items on the go from my android phone. I should be able to have access to be able to take a photo of a invoice and it then translates to a word text that I can crop the line I want andthen add to my items list. Via my phone. Instead of manually adding the item to my lap top. , Why should I and why do I use my laptop ?. Um because your app doesn't work. As it should. I'm so limited. Yes I can add items from the data base. But I can't add them or edit . It's to limited . I find that to use the myob online system I have to go to the web page and then log in. = what's the point of the apps. Just saying Any way . Merry Xmas
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  • Dec 21 2021
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